A Letter to the #Pamily [#PaulaAbdulWeek2013] – 30 seconds which changed my life

2012-09-27 14.44.39

Dear #Pamily,

This letter may seem strange, but it is something I have been thinking about for a while now and have been meaning to write for ages. As it is #PaulaAbdulWeek2013 next week, I thought that writing it for that would be the most ideal time. I really just wanted to show you all how much #Pamily and the whole Saula fandom has changed my life! Also how much you all mean to me! Also how much the #Pamily affects me everyday. For example in the last 3 weeks, I have spent 3 days in Chester and Manchester with Kate, a day in London with Val and 8 days visiting Bernou in Holland. The rest of time around this is chatting to many others online. Plus the reason I went to Manchester for an interview for a langauge school in Lisbon (no prizes for guessing what influenced that application or career choice! lol).

Also, I have changed so much in the last few years. Firstly, I used to be more Simon than Paula, personality wise and now I am now more the other way around. 5 years ago, if you told me where I would be now and what I would be doing, I would not believe you. Also I know many people have said (including Simon many times in auditions) that 30 seconds can change your life, I didn’t really used to believe it. Now I do. 4 years ago on 17th May 2013 this happened on BGT and everything changed from then on.

I know everyone has different stories of how they became fans, and this is mine: I was a fan of Simon’s, but not like I am now. When I saw this, I had no clue who Paula was and looked up the following on YouTube to find out: “Simon Cowell Paula American Idol”. Of course this just bought up 1000s of Saula videos. I watched then from 10pm until 7am the following morning and became obsessed literally over night. The more I learnt about both of them the more I became more of a fan of each of them. No matter what happens, and no matter where Saula leads, that is how I will always be. To me being a Saula fan is being a fan of them both apart as well as them together.

Anyway, 4 & 1/2 years ago I was training to be a PE teacher, and that had been my dream since I was 8 years old. I loved holidays abroad, but didn’t care too much about travelling. I was also very naive when it came to media, etc. I feel like I used to live in a little bubble before and now the fandom has burst that bubble. Now I no longer want to be a PE teacher (long story), I now want to teach English and travel the world. I love learning about cultures and seeing countries. Also I have such a better understanding of the world and the media.

I decided to compile a list of 25 ways that the #Pamily has changed my life. I am sure this is many that most people reading this will understand and relate to this too.

1 – I love travelling, my poor passport is completely over used. In 4 weeks, I am going abroad for the 6th time in 2 years. Oh… and don’t understand people who say things like “I don’t think I will leave the hotel”! :0
2013-08-19 19.40.43

2 – I wouldn’t be moving to Portugal in 4 weeks, if it wasn’t for the #Pamily. Instead I would be a PE teacher in the UK, doing the same thing day in, day out! Boring!
2012-09-07 07.19.04

3 – As I would probably be a PE teacher, I wouldn’t have taught English, therefore wouldn’t have worked for Bell International and met all the great students and staff. Including my boyfriend who I have been with a year and met at the company.
staff couch week 3 close up

4 – I would have never have visited Paris if it wasn’t for the fandom. Lorrie and I went there as I used the money that I won from a bet that Paula would be on The X Factor USA.

5 – My geography and world history has definitely improved. I now know about countries which I never knew even existed before. I also know traditions and cultures that most people are unaware of.
2012-08-30 10.24.53
[A history and geography lesson from Laura]

6 – My knowledge of London wouldn’t be too good, as I wouldn’t have met Val who has to keep helping me and wouldn’t have showed other fans around. Also I wouldn’t have ever found the need to go to either Hammersmith or Kensington 😉

7 – I am now fluent in American. I call it that as really does seem an entirely different language to me!
Me and the England Flag
[Sorry proud to speak British English]

8 – I feel like I have a massive world family. Not just the #Pamily itself, but whenever I visit people I feel like I get adopted into the family while I am there. [Trust me if you visit me, that will happen to you too]

9 – I wouldn’t have met as many celebrities as I have now; including Simon (twice), Louis Walsh, Alaxandra Burke, Fearne Cotton, Dermot O’Leary (twice), Amanda Holden, Ant & Dec (3 times), Alesha Dixon (5 times), David Walliams (4 times), etc. [There are a lot more, but I could be here all day!]
Will never forget!
[Oh don’t forget the video 😉 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OdhmbFy3v8 ]

10 – I wouldn’t know how Talent Shows worked. And probably would have been at some point, been near the back, stood in a queue for 3 hours, didn’t meet any celebs and wouldn’t see myself on TV.

11 – Also I wouldn’t have been at any of the live shows of The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, thus I wouldn’t know how great the shows are live in the front row! lol
Best seats ever!

12 – If I didn’t know who Paula was I wouldn’t get all those sweet tweets and DMs from her 😀

13 – Also I would be able to speak the secret language of Saula (which nobody else understands, we tried! lol) or understand all the jokes that go with it
Great impression blueberries

14 – I only knew who Julia (i.e. Simon’s make up artist) was through Saula fans, and how I got ‘The Book’ signed (which was later vandalised by Louis Walsh who drew devil horns on Simon’s head!)
Simon signed my book IMG_0560
[Yes, he got the name wrong, apparently Julia’s not the best at lip reading, lol]

15 – I most likely wouldn’t have had Twitter, let alone all the followers I have and wouldn’t also have over 1000 friends on Facebook, lol.
[Made by Jaime on Twitter]

16 – My friends wouldn’t think I am as crazy as they do now… I am not I promise!

17 – Now I feel no matter where in the world I go I always have a friend somewhere near. It really is a worldwide family.
[Where the people are from who have visited this blog]

18 – I think I should start a stamp collection. I get so much great post (‘mail’ in American English) all the time, with the most sweet letters, cards and gifts!
#Pamily Postcard
[A postcard which Nona sent me last year lol]

19 – I probably would have more money as I spend so much on postage and flights, lol.
[The majority of the Christmas Cards I sent to #Pamily members last Christmas]

20 – No matter what happens, I gain so much support from everyone. It wasn’t for Val I think that I would have never got through that horrible Teaching Practice.

21 – I now realise how much fiction is in the media. In fact I presented a whole presentation for University about this, and got a B+, lol
[Actually from the presentation, and yes I really did highlight it all in colour coded colours]

22 – There are so many skills I seemed to have gained, from video editing and excel documents to steering motor boats and finding Simon’s house, lol.

23 – I would have never known where Simon lived if it wasn’t for other fans, and spending 2 hours looking for the house with Lorrie. Now I have been there far too many times with various fans.

24 – Most importantly if it wasn’t for that video I would have never had the opportunity to speak to so many amazing people from all around the world, who despite not meeting, I now regard as good friends!
me, kate & jane
[I was trying to include everyone in the photos]

25 – Oh and of course I wouldn’t have all the amazing memories from the last 2 years, if it wasn’t for everyone I have met! ….

This is a video I put together of these memories. I thought the song was quite appropriate, if you take the lyrics out of the context they were meant for, lol.

So a special thank you…

To Lorrie with flag
[Lorrie (@lnh92) – spent 34 days with]

To Nona with flag
[Nona (@TvSerier_Nona) – spent 29 days with… I think]

To Kate with flag
[Kate (@Kate179) – spent 14 days with]

To Laura with flag
[Laura (@LauraSoph) – spent 21 days with]

To Bernou with flag
[Bernou (@Berntje19) – spent 8 days with]

To everyone else
[Espeically Val (@valpanna) who I have spent so many days with I can’t keep count, and who means the world to me!
…and of course to everyone else: Jane (@Janey_1986), Livia, Katia, Steph, Marci, Eloise and Rochelle (@RochelleJFS). Sorry I can’t remember everyone’s new Twitter names]

…OK I have rambled on enough now.

Love you all! ❤



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